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Wow! Solar tax credits have been extended.  And it looks like in a big way.  I’ll write about the details in the months ahead, but for now, all the urgency about getting your solar hot water system installed now, well,  never mind.  We have a little time.  So let’s all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that energy costs will continue to drop as more and more of us change over to alternative fuels for our homes, businesses, and automobiles.

Here Are A Few News Clips For Your Holiday Reading

The clean-energy boom is about to be transformed. In a surprise move, U.S. lawmakers agreed to extend tax credits for solar and wind for another five years. This will give an unprecedented boost to the industry and change the course of deployment in the U.S.  -Source: What just happened in solar is a bigger deal than oil exports

A federal tax credit approved by Congress on Friday will attract $40 billion in solar investments over the next four years and more than double the number of jobs in the industry to 420,000, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.  ….

The extension came as a welcome surprise and has boosted solar stocks this week as companies now prepare for years of steady growth that may be even stronger than the trade group’s revised forecast. – Source: Solar Tax Credit to Spur 40 Billion in Investment by 2020

President Obama spent part of his year end press conference today on alternative energy, tax credits among other serious items in the budget passed by Congress.

Vice President Joe Biden weighed in too saying …”It extends tax credits that will continue an American-led clean energy transformation that’s unleashing new industries and creating tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs.”

We think the tax credits, rebates, loans, grants, and financing have led to consumers seeking alternative energy solutions when they are looking to upgrade.  There is now Colorado mortgage incentives for home and businesses for sale that have a Colorado Home Energy Score (pdf) score.  And for commercial real estate, incentives and financing available through a brand new program known as C-PACE (.pdf)to upgrade or construct with energy efficient improvements. We try keep up with the news about these incentives for our clients.

As always, we think now is a great time to consider improvements for your home or business.   Think water saving.  Think toilets, faucets, showers, and gardens.  Give us a call and we can prepare an assessment for you.  And keep reading our news and we will try to keep you informed.

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