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Edwards, CO , Flo Logic Rubber Ducky Flood ImageJan. 2015 –  Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had a water leak? Shut off the water…right? But what if it happens when you are not home? The leak cannot be detected easily? Or it happens at your vacation home?

We had a regular client call us the other day to tell us that their housekeeper had found a leak and asked us to attend to it.  This is his second home, and like many of our clients he is not there year-round.  The water got shut off quickly and we took care of the leak caused by a valve malfunction. Thanks to the promptness of everyone involved the water damage was kept to a minimum in the laundry room area.

But, what if the leak had gone undetected for a longer period of time?

In cases like the one just described, we recommend the owner to consider installing a FloLogic leak detection device.  FloLogic, is an inline device that shuts off the water FAST when it detects extraordinary flow.  It is a programmable device that can tie into your security system (wifi or wired) and alert you if the water has been shut off.

“Unlike moisture sensor systems, FloLogic protects the entire home from a single installation point; to identify and stop leaks before a small drip becomes a huge problem.  As an added advantage, you may qualify for a discount on your insurance premium.”-FloLogic

Even though it might seem only out-of-town homeowners might benefit from the system, those at their home full time can equally benefit.  Leaks in the ice maker water line, the hose bib outside, pinhole leak in copper pipe are common undetected leaks at homes we take care of.  Although many of our leak calls are due to frozen pipes, it’s not always the case.  If it’s not ordinary, the device will shut off the water to the entire house.  And if you detect the leak, just push the shut off button and BAM it’s done.  No hunting around for the water shut-off valve.

Depending on your set-up, APH can install a FloLogic devicefor less than the cost to replace most damaged flooring or maybe your insurance deductible.  And our APH Preferred Customers  receive a discount.

Call us today at 970-748-8667 and ask us to prepare an estimate for you.  Your home comfort is our business.


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