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New Tankless Hot Water Install

Ironworks Tankless WH

We had a service call recently from the owner of two long-term rental condominiums.  The tenant had called the owner with a report that ‘sparks are flying’ out of their gas heating system.   The units are in an older building where we had done extensive work this past year for other tenant occupied condominiums and commercial properties in the building.  As is often the case in older buildings, the mechanical system components fail about the same time.  In this case, the old water heater was obsolete.  We recommended that the owner upgrade to a new tankless water heater heating system that provided hot water for both the tap and a forced-air-heating system for the small condo.  We upgraded to a tankless system from Japanese manufacturer, Navien.   It was small enough to fit the space and provided enough on-demand-hot-water to heat the small condo and domestic hot water needs.

Customer Flyer Carbon Monoxide Warning

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The homeowner decided to install a tankless (aka on-demand) hot water system for both of his rental units.  Having a reliable and safe system is the most important factor for him.

Safety First

There are several things we like to consider when upgrading from an obsolete system.  Safety, size, space and ventilation requirements are the primary concerns.

Another issue we are seeing with older systems is ventilation leaks and invisible cracks that allow carbon monoxide to escape into the living area.  When we conduct our annual maintenance, we include a C O test to make detect C O levels and make certain your system is safe.   If you would like to consider an upgrade of your old system, feel free to call us at 970-748-8667.  We can suggest options to work for you home and budget. And there are still federal, state, local and some utility energy tax credits available when you upgrade to a more efficient system.

Tesla showroom in Vail (and Aspen)

I promised myself that my next new car will be a Tesla .  I’ll be placing my reservation this year and when I do, I can go right into downtown Vail to do so!  And the new, more affordable Tesla is supposed to be FAST – FAST  –  and that is my main criteria.  The more I read, the more I find to love about it.  I hear from locals that own one, that it is a great car for our #mountainlife. When you are in Vail Village stop by the new showroom in the Solaris Building.

Tesla chooses Vail, Aspen for new electric car showrooms

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