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My High Water Bill – Solved!

This summer, my water bill was significantly higher than last year and although the weather was hotter, I didn’t think I had turned on the lawn sprinklers any more.

I started paying closer attention.  Every time I would hear water running, I would check to see where it was coming from.  I was convinced that it wasn’t all lawn sprinklers that nearly doubled my water bill.  Then one day, my tuned-in sense hears water running from the toilet.  I didn’t think of the toilets!  They are working ok, right?

Yup, I work for a plumber.  But even so, I already had a ‘water saver’ kit that I picked up from the local water department some time ago. In it were tablets that I could drop in the tank and if the water in the bowl turned blue, that would mean I have a leak.  Sure’nuf, the next morning – blue.  Then I checked the other toilets and with the same results.

The Blue Flapper

Well, in the free kit there were also some blue rubber flappers.  Now I have done some minor toilet tank maintenance in the past, but this this is the first time since I built my house 20 years ago that I had to do any work on my toilet.  But I don’t see a rubber flapper.   I could take parts out to find the problem, but …. since it’s not obvious, I’m going to ask my boss if he can send someone over to make the needed repairs.  I have a water saver toilet and it may be a simple o-ring replacement instead of a flapper.  (I learned that on diy on YouTube!)

If you see that your water bill is unseasonably high or just want to make some changes to your showers, sinks or test your toilets for leakage, the water department has some great free stuff that can help.  And don’t forget to ask for a free nozzle for your hose, they are behind the counter.  And if you decide to do it yourself, we would love to see your pictures on our Facebook page.  Or if you get stumped, like I did , give us a call at 970-748-8667.  We’re happy to help.

Free water savers found at ERWS, Vail, CO officeWater Efficiency Devices

Here are some examples of free water efficiency devices available at the local water department.

  • Sava ultra-high efficiency showerhead
  • 5-minute shower timer
  • Tri-max three-flow rate aerators
  • Toilet leak detection tablets
  • 1.5 gpm duel spray kitchen swivel aerator with flip lever
  • Toilet tank bank
  • Toilet fill cycle diverter
  • Toilet flapper valve
  • Various educational materials and goodies

Thank you for doing your part to help conserve water. dkm


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