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Remodel Inspiration for Kitchens and Bath

Ferguson Bath Inspiration Thinking of doing a remodel?  Here are the places we point our customers to for inspiration. Ferguson Enterprises has an excellent web page full of inspiring ideas.  I love their page because you can select an idea, rollover the item and see the item retail price and brief description will pop up. They offer kitchen inspiration and bathroom inspiration.


Ferguson Bath Popup and Pricing Example

And once you get some general ideas online, you can travel down to Gypsum (near Costco) and see and touch your choices in-person.  We can schedule the appointment for you.  They have a super-sized showroom in Denver.  And for our out of state customers, there may be a showroom in your area.


Ferguson Kitchen InspirationThere is a Dahl Plumbing showroom in Avon, too.  Located on Nottingham Road, you can visit and find ideas in the showroom and in the catalogs.

The staff in both showrooms, Ferguson and Dahl know their stuff and offer personalized and helpful assistance for our customers.  The big orange shop in Avon has a lot of stuff, but getting help and finding items that work together for an upgrade to your kitchen or bath is not usually available .  We highly recommend a visit to the pro showrooms.

Houzz is another site for inspiration.  They offer huge photos and stories of home design, architecture, landscape, gardening, patio and of course kitchen and bath.  It never fails that when I click the link, I say “ahhhh” that is soooooooo nice”.

We have gathered many of our favorite suppliers and products on our Pinterest page.  If you are a visual person like I am, I highly recommend Pinterest as a place to gather your favorite things.  They have a browser app where you can just click and the item you found online will be added to your page for future reference.  Many of us still like to print the item from the web or cut the page out of a magazine and add it to a binder.  Either way, you’ll probably discover a ‘theme’ to your likes and in-no-time-at-all you’ll have a design direction to share with your contractor or plumber.

Many of our local homeowners rent their units when they are away.  Their property management teams  appreciate being able to send them to a one-stop showroom when upgrading their property.  Feel free to call on us to help your clients navigate the Lodging Quality Assurance (LQA) Program and certification.  Our contacts offer professional guidance and are familiar with the current design trends.  We couldn’t do it without their help and neither should you.


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