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APHS Lucas Staff ImageLucas, our apprentice plumber


Lucas started with American Plumbing, Heating, and Solar a few months ago.  He is 22 years old from Franklin, NH.  He’s a young man that loves working with his hands, is interested in tools and diagnostics.  We know these are all traits that make for a good plumber.

Lucas embraces the quote, “Plumbers are the doctors of the house.”  And as a result thinks of himself like a heart doctor, keeping the house going.

Before to moving to the mountains he worked as a lube tech and auto detailer for the ‘oldest Chevy dealer in the country’.   So joining our firm to learn the plumbing, heating and hvac trade was an easy decision for him.

Here’s what Lucas says to encourage other young men and women to enter our business, “The trades are never going away, you will always have a job.  I love the work because I like to be outside and moving around.  And, there is so much new technology being introduced that it keeps me thinking, and learning all the time.”

Our customers are taking a liking to ‘that nice young man’, our man Lucas.

Training is important in our industry and our firm

Just like a doctor, our profession requires regular training.  Especially with the new technology we are seeing.  But now that we have added Lucas to our team, we are considering a formal apprentice curriculum.  The Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors (PHCC) apprentice program looks good to us.

Numerous trade training and scholarship opportunities are being added all the time.  Anyone thinking of entering the field today could probably attend trade school or join an apprentice program without huge student loan debt. It can be much more affordable than four year college.  And the pay is good.  For example:

Explore the Trades –

The Mike Rowe Foundation (Dirty Jobs) has a program  –

And here’s an article that explains why there is such a shortage of trades workers like Lucas:

See our Careers tab for current jobs with American Plumbing Heating and Solar.  We’ll be at the high school Career Fair at Battle Mountain High School on April 4th.  Have your kids stop by and ask questions of  Lucas and Sam.



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