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Check out some of these remodel ideas!  A fireplace in the kitchen, get outta here.  It’s not your mama’s kitchen anymore.  Be inspired by the new American Standard luxury line of fixtures known as DXV.  You can see the products on display at the Ferguson showrooms in Gypsum and their superstore in Denver or other locations throughout the country.  Image APHS DXV Cool Kitchen

DXV Complete your luxury bathroom or kitchen with high-end faucets, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, bidets and smart toilets.

Ferguson is our go-to online showroom because they have a superb web page that we have featured in our blog before.  You will love their Trends and Influences page with the latest and greatest.

The kitchen gallery does indeed ‘tickle your imagination’ with the pictures but they also have practical, helpful information like the kitchen sink buying guide that talks about shape, size, and other things to consider when replacing your old sink during a remodel.

And talk about inspiring, check out Houzz where they have stories about homes across the country and around the world.  And when planning your new construction or remodel you can register and create your own ideabook and that you can share with your architect and/or contractor.  And some other cool things are the ability to search the images (and they are fine images) by room, color, style, and, many different cKitchen Remodel Ideashoice.

And then there is anPintrest Huffington Post Shower Storyother inspiring image, idea place, Pintrest (link to our new APHS page ) where a quick search for ‘bath remodel’ results instantly (unless you have dial-up) in hundreds of ideas like ” 12 Showers that do everything but dry you off”-by Huffington Post.  Or how about “15 clever things you didn’t know you really needed in your kitchen” – by Apartment Therapy found when I did a quick  “kitchen remodel ideas” search.

So there you have it.  Helpful places that you can visit online or in person (at the showrooms) to make your remodel happen.  If you have a project you would like us to help you with, give a call to Mustafa, Sandra or Debbie at our office and we can get the plumbing, mechanical, plans worked out for you – 970-748-8667.F

Our in-house newsletter is called Home Comfort News because we know that our business is to meet or exceed  our clients comfort expectations.  We continuously invest in new energy and product training for our technicians.  When we are out in the field, our tech team is able to recommend the latest water saving, money saving, energy saving equipment for our homeowners.  We have a regular column that we call “There’s An App For That” where we share new equipment and apps that will help our homeowners keep up with their homes from afar.
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