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Sonnenalp Boiler

AFTER – A row of five boilers to provide high efficiency and redundancy.

New Boiler Plant for Pool, Spas and Domestic Hot Water

Sonnenalp Hotel, Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado, August 10, 2016:  Early June 2016 concluded a multi-week installation of a Viessmann high efficiency boiler plant replacing the old inefficient copper fintube boiler plant to supply hot water for the Sonnenalp Hotels’ spas and pool. American Plumbing, Heating, and Solar had spent many months poring over details of the existing system, entertaining options, and weighing the pros and cons of different designs. We ended up with a modular boiler system that includes five Viessmann Vitodens 200 B2HA 112 (399 kBtuh input each) that hang on the wall, providing a gas input modulation from 113 to 1995 kBtuh, boiler redundancy in case one goes down or is being serviced, much higher combustion efficiency than the old copper fintube boilers, and is being controlled by a Viessmann cascade control that intelligently sequences boilers to match the load providing the best possible efficiency at any given moment. In addition Sonnenalp Hotel asked if the system could be utilized through the summer to provide the hotel with it’s domestic hot water (DHW) so they could shut down the 23 year old firetube boilers in their main mechanical room. American Plumbing, Heating, and Solar then designed a new DHW system and with a little ingenuity found a piping path to get new boiler heat to remotely located DHW tank room. All new piping and circulators were installed and very little time was spent soldering pipes because American Plumbing, Heating, and Solar has switched to Viega press, a system of pressing copper fittings fitted with specialized o-rings that allows for time savings and quality fitting connection that comes with a 50 year warranty when installed by a licensed contractor.

Old Hotel Boiler Room


What the Sonnenalp Hotel will realize from this new boiler plant is energy savings, boiler redundancy, less greenhouse gas emissions, floor space savings, and ease of parts replacement when they arise. American Plumbing, Heating, and Solar took the time to analyze the system as a whole and not just replace boiler with like boiler. We recognized oversizing when we saw it and designed accordingly for both energy efficiency and innovation but also with budget in mind.

See our case study with further detail and analysis at this link (opens a pdf).

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