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Whether you are at home or at work, air quality and healthy air is something many of us in Colorado are concerned with.  Some of us have stand-alone air purifiers that cleanse the air through a filter.  Most of us agree that they are noisy but they do an OK job cleaning large particles of dust and dirt from our indoor environment.  But what about those ultra tiny particles and those that don’t get sucked into the air filter?  Enter RGF Environmental who has a system that actually hunts down and destroys the pollutants at the source.  It installs right in your duct work, eliminating all noise.  And instead of only filtering the air, the air is purified.

“If it is alive you have to kill it.”  “If it is dead you have to trap it.”

On their web page, they list the three types of air pollutants:  particulates (dust, mites, smoke and dander), microbial (bacteria, germs, viruses, mold), and gases.

Researching this topic, I was surprised to learn that air purification actually destroys mold, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants by attacking them immediately within your airspace.  But not filtration. Purifiers “go out and attack” the pollutants while still airborne, which equates to consistent and immediate healthy, clean air.

Have you ever noticed you sneeze more in the morning?  For many this is the result of either exposure to indoor allergens for the prolonged evening, as well as the naturally elevated pollen counts in the early morning. Just think how effective this can be with simple allergens and dust. Imagine reducing or eliminating your need for daily allergy medications by simply purifying the air, especially when you are sleeping.

A small investment in a purifier can lead to many health benefits, such as less time suffering from allergies and other illnesses, whether airborne or on surfaces. With our homes and offices becoming more energy efficient, the more microbes and pollutants are trapped inside with us. Air filters can decrease these numbers, but for an effective solution and truly clean air, an air purifier is the way to accomplish this.

Ready to get started?  Contact us today.  We would be happy to prepare a free estimate for a sensible air purification system for your home or office.  You, your family and clients deserve to be treated to healthy air.

Meta (Geek) Warning:  Some technical reasons how and why for the geek in us.  Seek and attack air purifying is accomplished through the use of oxidants. Oxidants change the chemical structure of the element therefore eliminating it, whereas air filtration requires the pollutant to travel through a filter before capturing it. It’s been shown that air purifiers decrease the amount of germs in a sneeze at about 3 feet by 78%, whereas a normal sneeze is about 100+ feet.

If you’re still not convinced that air quality is a growing issue, read the 1991 EPA Sick Building Factsheet or more recently, an article from the American Chemical Society.

Bonus reference:  See the American Lung Association “State of the Air 2015” link and see if your state, county, city or area passed or failed the Healthy Air test.

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