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We are buzzing at the office this week since we learned of the write-up in Plumbing Hydronic Contractor News (PHC) April 15th issue.  The neat thing is why Max Rohr chose to write about us.  He says in the opening that “I’d like to brag about …”  Then he goes on to write about a personal service we offer that sets us apart from others that leads to the the finishing touch we add to the mechanical room when we complete a project.  We are thrilled to be recognized for what is a core value at American Plumbing, Heating and Solar.

Personalized customer service is what we are known for in the area.  It is an agenda item at any meeting, because it is the most important thing for Mustafa.  He loves when we receive calls and love letters for great service that goes beyond what the customer expects.  For example, we are one of few plumbers that set a time for our service calls and keep it.  We are most often able to estimate work in advance and that’s what we bill, no surprises.  We take pride in our work.  Our meticulously aligned piping in the mechanical room in the  picture is standard for us.

Our in-house newsletter is called Home Comfort News because we know that our business is to meet or exceed what Max calls the ‘comfort expectations’.  We continuously invest in new energy and product training for our technicians.  When we are out in the field, our tech is able to recommend the latest water saving, money saving, energy saving equipment for our homeowners.  We have a regular column that we call “There’s An App For That” where we share new equipment and apps that will help our homeowners keep up with their homes from afar.

All in all, we feel that Max nailed who we are!  The story and the headline – “Not Just A Bid”.

PHC is a respected trade journal with 40k national news circulation.


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