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It’s Actually an APP liance

Environmental Water Systems (EWS) offers a quality Whole Home water filtration and conditioning system and it doesn’t’ use salt.  You need to have enough room in your mechanical room for the unit.  It hooks up directly to your water line and viola! all water is filtered and conditioned.  It’s a low maintenance system that needs a filter change every 7 to 10 years.  Wow.

The neat thing is it works and works well.  It is all USA made (headquarters in Las Vegas, NV  and assembled in So. California) with FDA, medical grade organic materials.  And it conforms to the strict California no-lead standards.  You can dispose of the filtration material in your garden.  It’s good stuff!

But mostly, it is an app for your healthy home and lifestyle.  Clean, crisp water throughout your entire home for all uses.  Healthy water that has filtered pollutants before we bath or drink that cup of coffee.  When one realizes that only 91 contaminants out of the estimated 80,000 are actually regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, municipal water can’t do it all.  And our local water often tastes of chlorine.

Imagine drinking, pure, fresh tasting water!  No more expensive, wasteful water bottles.  Fill up your water bottle from your tap and go.

Filtration is good for fixtures, pipes, and water heaters, too.

Filtered and conditioned water is also good for your appliances, and plumbing system.  The filter adjusts the molecules of the water from pointy, spikes to smoothed edges.  Think catalytic converter.

Most of our mountain homes have hard water and  EWS Series conditioning inhibits scale formation in water heaters and pipes, solving problems associated with the naturally found calcium and magnesium (hardness) minerals without the use of any chemicals, harmful salts, or a “slippery feeling” while showering or bathing.

Ready to get started?  Contact us today.  We would be happy to prepare an estimate of a water filtration and conditioning system for your home.

Check out this short video.



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